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Graduating in 2013 was unbelievably nerve-racking for me. I didn’t have a job to sustain living on my own and I knew my family wasn't in a position to support me. That being said, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure at this time.

To relieve some of this pressure, I turned to running. It was difficult in the beginning. My body felt like an anvil, very difficult to move. But the more reps I put in, the easier running got and the better my mind felt about taking on the job hunting process.

Another way I was able to take some of the pressure off was by turning to the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA). This is where I found support, not only for job-hunting, but career building. I had people advocating for me to be on their teams, creating potential pathways to higher-level positions, and helping me to widen the breadth of skills in my arsenal.

Together, running and AAJA helped me get through the unease of not having a job post-college. And because these two things intersected at such a pivotal moment in my life, it feels fitting that, given the opportunity to run in the New York City Marathon and fundraise for an organization at the same time, that I would do this for AAJA. 

That being said, please donate to help me reach my goal of $5,000!


Here's how AAJA has supported me over the years...

*Note: Some of the interactions below are one-on-one interactions, while others are panels, workshops, meet-ups/mixers, etc. The money raised from this fundraiser will help AAJA continue hosting programs like these in order to continue providing support to those of us in the journalism industry. 😊


- Joined AAJA-NY

- Worked with fellow journalists on positioning myself for a production job, navigating workplace relationships, and sharpening my pitching skills

🟢 Became production associate at ABC News


🟢 Became associate producer at CNN


- Attended AAJA's Houston convention

- Worked with producers to sharpen my package writing skills

🔵 Moved from New York to Los Angeles ✈️ ☀️🌴


- Joined Yung AAJA

- Worked with social media producers on learning to repackage broadcast content for digital platforms

- Joined AAJA's Mentor Match program

- Worked with a producer on sharpening my newsgathering, booking, and interviewing skills


- Joined AAJA-LA

- Worked with fellow journalists on sharpening my on-air reporting skills

🟢 Became field producer at Court TV

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    Great job Adrienne! so proud of you! - Joy

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    Kick some ass!! I am rooting for you!

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    Good luck!

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    Proud of you!

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    When is your birthday?

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    Good luck Adrienne! Woot woot!

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    Hope this helps! You're awesome lady! Hugs!

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    good luck Adrienne!

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    Good luck!

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    Proud to support you and the AAJA.

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    Cheering for you all the way in NorCal!

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    See you on Ohio Ave and Westwood Blvd👟🏃‍♀️ You got this!

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    Go Adrienne!!!!!!

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    I support you always. 🙏🏾

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    So proud of you!! I look forward to to running/ walking Fryman mountain 🏔.

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    Cheering from NYC! Go gettem girl 🏃🏻‍♀️💨👏🏻

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    go crush it!!!

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    Proud of you A! You go girl💪💯❣️

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