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A Message From Alli

As many of you know, the Project Athena Foundation is a cause especially close to my heart. Shortly after my amputation I joined the group in the Florida Keys, kayaking and cycling 128 miles from Key Largo to Key West over three days. While I could ramble on and on about this organization for days (and certainly have),  I'll attempt to keep my message succinct: this experience was, and continues to be, nothing short of life changing. Through PAF I have found my people--other women who have faced seemingly insurmountable adversity with grace and tenacity, supporters with more empathy than humanly imaginable, together forming a community that has sustained and motivated me throughout my recovery. 

This November, five years after that incredible inaugural trip, I'll be completing the adventure again, with many new and old PAF friends by my side. What makes this especially cool is that I'll be supporting other Athenas this time around, who I'm confident will be as inspired and humbled as I was by this amazing group of individuals. 

I've been continuously amazed by your overwhelming support and generosity in my athletic endeavors over the past five years, and know that I can count on you to help me support this amazing organization. Please consider making a donation to this cause. 

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