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I am so excited to be participating in the TCS New York City Marathon on November 5, 2023. This year I am running with Team TFFT to support The Foundation for Tomorrow. TFFT works to serve students and teachers in Tanzania, providing them with the opportunities and resources to succeed. I was fortunate enough to benefit tremendously from 16+ years of quality education and I want to help make this possible for this community. 

• Tanzania has one of the world’s youngest populations, with 45% under 15 years old.
• 5.1 million children in Tanzania aged 7 – 17 are out of school.
• 28% of Tanzanian adolescents complete secondary school.
• 1% of Tanzanians enroll in higher education.

TFFT’s comprehensive and all-encompassing approach is unique because of its individualized approach. TFFT serves the whole child, improves the quality of instruction, and strengthens the community.
TFFT's holistic Scholarship Program provides scholars with access to quality schooling, health and psychosocial support, and life skills programming.
TFFT's Teacher Training Program improves the quality of instruction and resources in the classroom. 

$25-50 Provides a pair of school shoes & sports shoes for one scholar

$100 Provides textbooks for one scholar

$250 Provides nutritional support for two of our HIV+ scholars

$500 Provides training to 23 guardians of our scholars

$1000 Provides comprehensive Teacher Training for 12 teachers

Thank you so much for your donation to The Foundation for Tomorrow! Each and every dollar that we raise has a profound impact on the fulfillment of our mission to combat vulnerability through the power of education. Stay informed on how your gift is being put to work by following our blog, signing up for our newsletter, or joining us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear stories from the field.

Ann Gray💙
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