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On May 16, 2020 I will join the entire Eagles organization and thousands of others from the community to ride, run or walk in the Eagles Autism Challenge. This event is dedicated to raising funds for innovative research and programs to address the complex issues presented by the condition of autism. By providing the necessary resources to thought leaders, we can advance scientific breakthroughs. All participant-raised funds, 100 %, will go directly towards autism research and/or programs at beneficiary institutions, as together we shift from autism awareness to action. I hope you will consider making a donation towards my fundraising goal to help transform the lives of those affected by autism—like my youngest son, Benjamin—today and tomorrow. Thank you!
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Katie Musar made a $25.00 donation.
"Happy birthday Benjamin! Hopefully I can come cheer your dad on as he rides through Philly!"
Christian Beach made a $50.00 donation.
Brian J Kelley made a $10.00 donation.
Joan Ziaylek made a $50.00 donation.
Amy Litecky made a $50.00 donation.
Rosemary Kay made a $50.00 donation.
"Donated in the name of Brian J Kelley, Benjamin Kelley and family. "
Catherine Daddario made a $35.00 donation.
"God bless our Ben! ❤️"
Naomi and Raymond Litecky made a $100.00 donation.