Matt & Christy Bell's Fundraising Page
$6,323.00 raised
$6,000.00 goal
We are very excited to be able to raise funds for the Project Athena organization. Please help us with our goal and we will include you or your organization in our progress reports, pictures and personalized gifts from our Grand Canyon Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim Adventure in 2016.
We feel so honored to help support these courageous women by hiking with them and helping to support their efforts. Please join us in supporting them by donating to our fundraiser.

Project Athena is a 501c3 non-profit foundation that encourages women who've endured life-altering medical setbacks to unleash the Athlete and Adventurer within and complete the journey of a lifetime—whether that's to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, cross the finish line of an Ironman Triathlon, or fall into the arms of a proud family at the end of a local 5K.

For more information on Project Athena, visit their website at:

Matt & Christy's Photos & Videos
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Marwan Fawaz made a $500.00 donation.
"Way to go Matt and Christy!! Love Marwan and Patsy.."
Christina Bell made a $1,675.00 donation.
Karen Bell made a $100.00 donation.
"Best of health and very much happiness to you both on your hike! Love you. Mom Karen"
RYAN, GUNSAULS AND O'DONNELL, made a $100.00 donation.
"So cool! Now, I know why your taxes aren't done yet ;). Hope it was as AMAZING as it looks!"
Jim & Patricia Harrison made a $50.00 donation.
Larry & Carol Bigby made a $20.00 donation.
M Bell made a $100.00 donation.
"Go get em! love Mike &Celine "
Jeremy And Kristin Collins made a $50.00 donation.
Shawn Gignac made a $75.00 donation.
"Thank you for your involvement in Project Athena and helping make the world a happier place!"
Vicki - Bob Forsyth made a $50.00 donation.
"Good luck! I know how hard you've been training!"
Christine Plentyhoops made a $300.00 donation.
Bryan and Darla Ollila made a $75.00 donation.
"Good luck reaching your goal and participating in the event."
A1 GARAGE DOORS made a $200.00 donation.
"We appreciate what you're doing... We love you! Christian & Shannon"
Sheldon And Lois Henderson made a $25.00 donation.
"Good Luck!"
Jim Heneghan made a $50.00 donation.
"Go get 'em Team Bell !!"
Matt Gregory made a $100.00 donation.
Michelle Conlon made a $50.00 donation.
Joe Bagan made a $353.00 donation.
"Have fun in the canyon...Dedicate a couple steps to me :)"
Sarah Clausen made a $25.00 donation.
"Walk softly and carry a big stick. "
Jeremy Cooper made a $50.00 donation.
"Good Luck - Jeremy and Heather"
Jim And Liz Buckley made a $100.00 donation.
Michael Williams made a $250.00 donation.
Kathleen Filkins made a $100.00 donation.
"You have both worked so hard. Harlan and I are so proud of you and your generous spirits! "
Team Bell First Giving made a $1,925.00 donation.