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Anyone who knows me knows I not only talk the talk but I walk the walk... I back up my words with actions. Now I am AGAIN not just talking the talk, but I will be running 26.2 miles to back up my words. 26 for 26. It’s no secret that like everyone I was devastated watching the unimaginable tragedy unfold at Sandy Hook Elementary School. As I cried and hugged my children that night, I promised that I would get involved and bring about positive change. I immediately joined the Sandy Hook Promise organization when it was formed by several family members who lost loved ones. Their mission is to prevent gun violence before it happens by educating parents, schools and communities on mental health and wellness programs that help at-risk individuals. I will be honest, I was not planning to run any more marathons. My plan was to not have any plans, but sometimes you know that you need to roll up your sleeves or in this case lace up your running shoes and follow the signs. I will run 26.2 miles this November, one mile for each victim of Sandy Hook and I know 26 sets of Angel Wings will be watching from above. This is how I live my life...doing what I can to make the world a better and safer place while treating others with kindness. "Be nice to each other, it's really all that matters." Favorite quote of Dawn Lafferty, Principal of Sandy Hook who killed while trying to save her students Please support the Sandy Hook Promise and amazing work they continue to do.
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