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A Message From Diane

As most of you know, I was a recipient of a grant to be an Athena for the Harbor to Harbor Trek in 2016 as a result of being diagnosed with Stage 3 Thyroid cancer. The training and support I received during the time between diagnosis and surgery was absolutely critical to having a great surgical result. I was physically and mentally prepared for this surgery in a way I never expected. A month after my thyroidectomy, I walked 50ish miles down the San Diego coasts with my friends and the insanely awesome Project Athena team before returning to Boston for radiation treatment. I cannot tell you how much having the training program and the goal of the walk in sunny San Diego on my calendar made the wait for surgery and the post surgery recovery so much easier. 

My experience on the actual event was life changing, as I accepted assistance from people I had just met in order to be able to finish the trek strong. There were a lot of tears, a lot of laughs, and a tremendous amount of healing. Because I know how much it meant to me, I am absolutely committed to providing the opportunity for someone else.  Will you help me? Let's give someone else who is facing a medical challenge/obstacle make an extraordinary comeback by being granted an Athenaship to become a badass adventure athlete!

Please support my fundraising efforts for the Project Athena Fundraising. No donation is too small, please click on the donate now link below!