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A Message From Erin

2017 Florida Keys to Recovery, here we come!

In March of 2016, I had the honor of hearing Robyn Benincasa's Keynote.  At that exact moment, my life changed.  I knew what I had to do and I couldn't get home fast enough to apply for an adventure.  Shortly thereafter, I learned I had been accepted into the Project Athena Foundation family and cried for a month straight!  (Heck, I still cry!)  I was officially a Goddess!  The impact was so great that I hadn't even participated in the first Adventure and signed up for this year! 

So, what does that mean, you ask?  Here's a little background:

It means I had the distinct honor of participating in the Keys To Recovery - a 120 mile multisport adventure with FIVE AMAZING WOMEN, affectionately known as Athenas.  I witnessed them successfully transition from Survivor to Athlete and IT WAS AWESOME!  These badass gals had kicked Cancer's ass, survived a near fatal brain injury, and struggle with an illness that will never go away - but you know what - THEY DID IT!  But wait, there's more!  Former Athenas paid it forward by returning as Goddesses, too!  There are no words for the emotions that continue to resonate with me each day.  Was it tough?  Yep...by my pain was for their gain and it was worth every ounce of crazy!  This Foundation has taught me to never let anyone give up and I will ALWAYS give 1 billion percent towards helping these women achieve their goal.

My challenge for you is three-fold...Ready?

1.  If you have a sister, mother, aunt, cousin, friend, co-worker, neighbor, mail lady or someone at the gym who has experienced a severe, traumatic or life threatening illness or injury:  Please share www.ProjectAthena.org with them (or contact me!)  to learn more about this incredible program.

2.  If YOU want to give back and experience an Athena's transition - DO IT.  Apply to be a Goddess or God (Guys, this means you, too!) on one of the many adventures available.  Go to www.ProjectAthena.org ... I guarantee, you will be forever changed! 

3.  2017 Keys to RecoveryPlease donate!  My goal is to raise a sh*t ton of money!  Everything you donate goes to the Athenas (not me).  ALL OF IT.  Your tax deductible donation will afford training, gym membership, travel - whatever it takes to get the current and future Athenas to the finish line.  Every dollar counts

Your challenge starts now!  Be Badass Everyday and most importantly, always Do Epic Shit!

xoxox Erin

Proud Goddess & Ambassador