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The unparalleled technology partner that top-tier event organizers are working with to more easily organize their events, boost revenue, and increase participant retention.

A few things you can do with haku:

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    Boost Revenue
    Since growing revenue is always a top priority, haku’s made sure you can do just that. Whether it’s selling products during registration, offering a fully-integrated e-commerce suite, or leveraging our CRM to increase the number of new participants, haku’s got everything you need to see those revenue numbers climb higher.
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    Increase retention
    It’s no secret that participation numbers are decreasing industry-wide. But with haku’s platform, powered by an actionable CRM, you can leverage a suite of centralized & easy-to-use tools to increase personalization, improve customer satisfaction, and drive engagement - all proven to keep customers coming back time and again. And with deep analytics capabilities, you’ll be able to easily track what’s working & what’s not.
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    Cut Costs
    When it comes to your bottom line, the cost of running your business matters just as much as your revenue. Because haku’s platform gives you a single platform for all your needs and it’s free for organizers, you’ll be able to slash many operating expenses and make your organization more profitable.
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    Improve Collaboration
    From data management to implementing initiatives, sometimes collaborating across team functions can prove to be a real challenge. haku is a single, centralized platform for your entire team. And since the platform is role & rights driven, you can control who sees what data and what they can do with it.

haku has the industry's first and only actionable crm

A single platform for everyone on your team

Unlike with traditional registration platforms, haku users reap the benefits of a secure, connected, scalable workflow. No more disjointed tools - everything your team needs is built right in.
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Life's too short for vendors. We're a true partner

We know it’s not just about the product or platform, but the people you work with. You see, when you work with haku, you're not getting just a platform, vendor or partner. You're becoming part of the haku family. This means you'll be working with people who are passionate about your business, your mission, and your community. We succeed when you succeed.

Explore the Partnership
  • Best-in-class support for you & your participants
    When it comes to service and support, we work to be an extension of your team providing unparalleled support to you AND your participants. Whether it’s through live chat, email, or phone, you can rest assured they’ll receive impeccable service at every touchpoint.
  • A customizable, branded solution
    We don’t want the glory, we want you to have it, which is why we’ve made it so all participant touch-points, from registration to results, are an extension of your brand. That means participants will get one seamless digital experience, making your events stand out.
  • A customer-driven platform
    We’re not driven by fads or flashy features you’ll never use. Instead, we work with our event partners to bring you features that will actually make a measurable impact on your success and the way you work. And we won’t tell you how to run your business - we’ll work with you to create solutions that work for you.
  • A team focused on your goals
    As a true partner, your goals are our top priority, and our consultative approach helps you achieve them. Armed with meaningful data-driven insights and a hands-on approach to strategy, we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure your success.

Driving Business at some of the world's smartest organizations

trackshack testimonial

With haku, our team has been liberated from using spreadsheets and multiple systems. Having one system for registration, marketing, results, participant management, and financials has added tremendous efficiency in our team's day-to-day. With haku's powerful system making thing easier for us, our team can now focus on making a better race experience for our atheletes.

Jon Hughes   |   owner
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eagles autism challenge testimonial

We are very happy with haku's fundraising platform. All the fundraising features it offers our participants, make it a good fit for us. We think that haku really streamlines the fundraising process and we've gotten feedback from our Gods and Goddesses (fundraising participants) complimenting our new platform.

Ashley Hendrix   |   development manager
eagles autism challenge logo

haku has assisted in handling the service needs of our participants in several ways. They offer a live chat tool available directly from the registration form. They ramp up their service resources during busy times when many people are using the registration forms. They are particularly knowledgeable and effective in handling service issues related to registration form usability and payment-related issues.

David Waskowski   |   Director, Participant Services
bank of america chicago marathon logo
j&a testimonials

The platform is the most robust and user friendly and is backed by the best support team in the industry. We love working with a team that is as dedicated as our company is to our success.

Amy & Jerry Frostick   |   owners
j&a logo
mercedes benz corporate run testimonial

After vetting several online registration providers and trying out haku for some of our local races, we found the platform to be user friendly for our customers which is a top priority. In addition, we appreciate the other demographic targeting services and community building features. We have found haku's products and service to meet our company's unique event management needs.

Laurie Huseby   |   executive director
mercedes benz corporate run logo
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