Laurieā€™s Bras For Girls Fundraising
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$1,326.00 raised
$4,500.00 goal
This November I will be running the NYC Marathon with Bras for Girls!
Bras for Girls donates new, high quality sports bras and breast development education booklets to girls in need, ages 8-18.  Recipient programs include sports teams, school programs, community programs, and other initiatives that elevate girls' access to sports.
By making a donation, you are supporting the Bras for Girls team as they work to pay printing and shipment fees to get the donated bras to the hands of young girls in need.  The more we raise, the greater the outreach.
I became involved in Bras for Girls in part due to my own memories of sport.  Though I am an avid runner now, I quit the track team in high school because I was unable to get the gear I needed to feel comfortable in my changing body.  I am so grateful for an opportunity to work with this terrific organization.  I have also been a secondary educator for 19 years.  Breast development is not talked about, and girls are desperate for more information.  I am excited to partner with Bras for Girls within my own community, and potentially in YOUR communities!
Thank you for your generous donation to Bras for Girls and your commitment to supporting girls in sport!
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  • Mellisa Higgins made a $25.00 donation
  • Tammy Whyte made a $10.00 donation

    good luck!

  • Shar Haney made a $20.00 donation
  • Adria Hall made a $50.00 donation
  • Dennis Koons made a $150.00 donation

    Good luck on race day!!

  • Anonymous made a $50.00 donation

    Love from the Steffans!

  • Lyndsey Stillman made a $10.00 donation

    happy birthday kid! I miss you!

  • Winston Bannister made a $50.00 donation

    Happy Happy Birthday friend!!!

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  • Mellisa Higgins made a $25.00 donation
  • Vickie Koons made a $41.00 donation

    Happy Birthday!

  • Melanie Dash made a $25.00 donation
  • Kevin Koons made a $25.00 donation

    happy birthday! I hope you make your goal

  • Michelle Pennow made a $15.00 donation

    Good luck reaching your goal!!

  • Pam Champlain made a $13.00 donation

    with love from Addie!

  • Kelly Chapman made a $42.00 donation

    $41 + 1 for besties.

  • Sarah Higgins made a $50.00 donation

    Good luck Laurie!!

  • Amanda Eberly made a $100.00 donation


  • Jillian Oneill made a $25.00 donation

    I love this! As a middle school educator, we see this all the time. Girls have enough to worry about!

  • Wanda Warner made a $25.00 donation
  • Shaun Padden made a $25.00 donation

    Good luck!!!

  • Jordi Cera made a $50.00 donation

    Always there to support my favorite teacher and forever friendšŸ„°

  • Jordi Cera made a $50.00 donation

    Always rooting for my favorite teacher of all time and forever friend ā¤

  • Kelly Chapman made a $25.00 donation

    love you friend!! I'm so proud of you!!!

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  • Vickie Koons made a $100.00 donation

    I am proud of you!

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