A Message From Adi

On Sept 26, 2020 I will join the entire Eagles organization and SAP in virtually participating in the Eagles Autism Challenge. SAP has an Autism at Work program that focuses on hiring employees that are on the autism spectrum. About 80% of individuals who are on the spectrum do not have a job. Through this program, I had an opportunity to work with and befriend one of the employees who joined the program, and I can attest to how it has changed his life and has improved SAP's workplace culture. This event is committed to funding innovative autism research and programs with the goal of advancing scientific breakthroughs. 100% of participant-raised funds will go directly towards Eagles Autism Foundation, as together we take action for autism, not only in Philadelphia, but throughout the country and the world. I hope you will consider making a donation towards my fundraising goal to help transform the lives of those affected by autism today and tomorrow. Thank you! Adnette