A Message From Abigail

Hi, everyone! This year I've decided to Run for a Reason and raise money for Child Advocates, Inc., here in Houston.

Every 9 minutes, a child in Texas experiences abuse or neglect. Nearly 4,000 children in the Houston area have experienced such life-threatening abuse or neglect that they had to be removed from their homes and placed in foster care. Child Advocates trains people to advocate for these children in court so they can find safe, permanent homes. With Child Advocates’ help, the cycle of abuse can be broken, allowing these children to become productive adults and loving parents.

"Our vision is to provide a court appointed advocate volunteer for every abused and neglected child in Harris County who needs one. Our challenge is to find the volunteers, resources, commitment and compassion that will get us there." -Child Advocates, Inc.

Please consider helping me reach my fundraising goal- and hopefully exceed it- by making a donation today. Every little bit helps and is appreciated, great or small.

Thank you so much,