A Message From Emily

I'm joining forces with other Track Shack ladies to raise funds for the AdventHealth Breast Cancer Care Fund, which provides free breast imaging diagnostic exams and cancer treatment to women in need. Every $135 raised provides a mammogram for an uninsured or underserved woman in Central Florida. Early detection is key. Help us save a life!

Same as last year but with more direction!!

My grandmother and her sisters had breast cancer and as you can probably infer my family has a genetic predisposition to it. So at 25, with a lump on my breast I had one hell of a ride determining if I had it too. Two ultrasounds, a mammogram and some nerve wracking waiting rooms found me all clear. Which is great, but I know that's not always the case for many women and men out there waiting on test results. That being said, my grandmother was a magical creature, and she taught me a lot about giving back and helping others. What I give here is in her memory, because she would have done the same in some way shape or form if she were still around. Last year, I was able to raise 760, this year I am aiming for an amount that will fund 5 mammos or more. 

As for the donation page name, it's because Barbara B, the Magnificent, fought eight different cancers through her lifetime and she never stopped laughing at the incredulity of it. I fondly remember her,  a retired nurse, telling me that the best way to stop the diagnostic machine from beeping was to get a hammer and smash it. Ahh, those were some wild times, that and her trying to get me to sneak her dog into the hospital in my backpack. The great C never did catch her in the end though, and I am sure she is having a hell of a laugh at that.