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Thank you for visiting my fabulous fundraising page! 

Here's the deal: 

5 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare chronic liver disorder. It changed my life

Last year I had the honor of being given a full grant, an Athenaship, with Project Athena for the Keys2Recovery event where we biked and paddled 120 miles from Key Largo to Key West in 3 days… As an “Athena” I re-learned how to paddle and bike, fighting for my physical recovery. I found out what it was like to accomplish a physical goal in community, to suffer equally and care for each other, and to gain a new family of support. I got a taste of an Adventure Race. It changed my life

This year I’m fundraising to go on my first ever Intro Adventure Race in Santa Barbara with the Project Athena Foundation (PAF) to support another Athena to reach her recovery dreams in this remarkable PAF family. This is going to change someone’s life

That's where you come in.

I have never fundraised for literally anything. I'm not proud of that, it's just a fact that I have never felt so personally called to an organization. In case you didn’t already figure this out: this organization, Project Athena, has changed my life. I realized by being an Athena, that I’m stronger and braver than I ever thought. My experience with Project Athena Foundation (PAF) inspired me to go from using my illness as my personal work, to using my illness as my public work. It has given me the personal fire to get out there to make a bigger difference in other people's lives who are struggling with illness. (Check out my new website/blog!) If you're interested, here's a link to a bit about what I wrote about my adventure with PAF, which PAF kindly shared with one of their major sponsors, Peloton Global. So now’s the time folks. 

Getting to celebrate a birthday is precious. In honor of my 35th birthday, I’m asking you to please donate to this amazing, life-changing, organization so that another woman can have the opportunity to reach her recovery dreams by going to the Grand Canyon! Any amount of support would help, seriously! Thank you in advance for considering giving this gift to an Athena. (I know you were going to get me cupcakes, but I can wait till next year). 

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts. (It also may, or may not, involve more glitter, rainbows, fluffy bunnies, and unicorns appearing spontaneously in your life... just keep an eye out.) Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too! 

One thing I learned from PAF is never to limit myself, so I have decided to support not just one event/Athena but two, Santa Barbara and Grand Canyon (why not maximize the love?!). So, if you feel so inclined, support either one, or both! Check out my other page for Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim August 2016!

Huge XO and sassy jazzhands to each and every one of you!
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"Happy belated birthday, Zina! Your joy and power are just what the world needs!!"
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"Congratulations, Zina! Keep paying it forward!"
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"you can do this!! "
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"Zina, can't wait to travel the Santa Barbara mountains with you this year!"
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"YES YES YES!! oxox"
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"so much love to you Zina! this sounds like an unbelievable organization and cause and I'm honored to offer what I can to support in supporting others! happy happy happy next adventure around the sun. xoxox "
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"You're the best, Sweet Zina! Love and Hugs, Margaret and Milton"
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"You're aMAZing! XOXO"
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"Always Believe!!!! xo"
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"Thank you Zina for who you are! You are amazing and inspiration, thank you for being a friend! carolyn "
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"Go Zina, you rock!"
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"Happy 35th!...you are an inspiration!!!"
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"Zina, You are connection to Wisdom nourishes you and those around you! I imagine a sign on your office door that says, Temporarily Out of the Office ... Inspiring Others!"
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"Stephen and I are happy to be part of this. Best wishes."
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"go Zina go!!! "
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"You are a bright light in the world, Zina. "
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"you GO girl! kick ass, be strong and keep on inspiring others (and mostly your own self! and some squirrels.) xoxoxo"
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"Rock it out BadAss!!"
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"Supporting you all the way on this, Zina!!! Thanks for the invitation! I'm also sorry I cannot give more right now... Best to you, Chris"
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"crush it!"
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"I will be with you in spirit Zina - crush it for Colorado! Hugs, jazz hands and guardian angels for you and the other adventurers!"
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"You are an inspiration Zina, Good Luck!! Miss you"
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"Proud of you, sister! Keep rocking it. Much love to you!"
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"You Go you Goddess! "
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