Kevin's Fundraising Page

A Message From Kevin

Friends, we have created this page for those of you who would like to donate to Undefeated EODWF Bike Ride 2016 in honor of Kevin, the founder of this event. Thanks to all of you for your support of Undefeated EODWF Ride and the EOD Warrior Foundation. EOD means explosive ordnance disposal. Considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the armed services, EODs are trained to find, disarm and render safe IEDs, bombs, munitions and explosives before they go off. EOD Techs are essential players in all high stakes missions to capture dangerous enemies and free captive Americans. EOD crews cleared more than 100,000 IEDs from Iraq and Afghanistan, but these tasks were accomplished at great cost, including loss of sight, limbs, and traumatic brain injury. All funds raised from the EOD Undefeated Ride will be directed to programs to help wounded Techs and their families as they recover, retrain, and remain Undefeated on the road of life after the blast.