Get Adrien to suffer on a half marathon by supporting a great cause
$500.00 raised
$500.00 goal
This upcoming January I will participate in the Houston Chevron Half Marathon! This is one of my Texas-based bucket lists and will finally commit to doing it! 
I am starting this fundraising to support the Galveston Bay Foundation because supporting any type of environmental work in Texas is more than worth it! This foundation does an amazing job at:
- Conservation work by protecting and maintaining wild preserves
- Habitat restoration on the Galveston bay
- educating people of all ages by doing Classroom Workshops, Field Experiences
-Water monitoring all over the bay
I encourage you to check their website and check their incredibly long list of initiatives all over the bay!

I want to thank you personally 
for supporting a healthy Galveston Bay by donating to my fundraiser for the Galveston Bay Foundation!

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  • Adrien Assie made a $250.00 donation
  • Nathalie Assie made a $75.00 donation
  • Alex Kneubehl made a $25.00 donation

    Good Luck!

  • Brian Metzger made a $25.00 donation
  • Anonymous made a $25.00 donation
  • Yvonne Chen made a $25.00 donation
  • Meghan Chafee made a $50.00 donation
  • Sara Molinari made a $25.00 donation

    Go Adrieeeen!!!

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