Dani's LTS 2021 Fundraising Page
$500.00 raised
$500.00 goal

UPDATE: YAAASSSS! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all those who have donated for this all important cause! We've done it - FUNDRAISING GOAL ACHIEVED!

(I am totally for exceeding that goal, so please still consider making a donation if you haven't already. Thank you!)

I'm joining forces with other Track Shack ladies to raise funds for the AdventHealth Breast Cancer Care Fund, which provides free breast imaging diagnostic exams and cancer treatment to women in need. Every $135 raised provides a mammogram for an uninsured or underserved woman in Central Florida. Early detection is key. Help us save a life!

Last year, I was shy of the $500 goal and this year, I'd like to meet and then exceed that $500 goal.

Let's do this!

Any donation is a good donation!

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Sima Narcus made a $25.00 donation.
"Good luck Danielle!"
Troy Jessop made a $25.00 donation.
"Go Orlando Go!"
Emily Dux made a $55.00 donation.
Anonymous made a $20.00 donation.
"You can do it!"
Denise Doyle made a $25.00 donation.
Chris Leon made a $50.00 donation.
Michelle Myers made a $25.00 donation.
Sylvester Asiamah made a $50.00 donation.
Martha Blumel made a $25.00 donation.
"I’m happy to support this cause. thanks for raising money for this. Early detection and prevention are so important. "
Christina Newcomb made a $25.00 donation.
In memory of Meme made a $100.00 donation.
"Lost my mom to cancer and my sister is now fighting it. Thanks for your effort, Dani."
Niyoga S Hubbard made a $25.00 donation.
"Yesssssss Qweeeeennnnnn . Run Sister Run !!!! In Memory of Andreas Mom."
Mark Owen made a $50.00 donation.