Kathleen's Fundraising Page

A Message From Kathleen

I have been a part of Project Athena since 2011. They came into my life with a big bang after not just surviving breast cancer, but eradicating it from my body, and a very strong message; that life must be lived and don't be afraid to take others with you on your journey. I was honored in 2011 to be chosen as a survivor (Athena) for the PA Grand Canyon rim2rim2rim, as well as the PA Boise race. This was gifted to me by the PA Goddesses who raised the money for my adventure. From that point on, having experienced such strong emotions and being a part of such an amazingly positive group of people who helped me when I pushed myself to my limits, I was hooked. I continued for the next 6 years to join PA as a Goddess; the supporter of the Athena, financially, physically, and emotionally. I have since been on the PA Keys Adventure, The Harbor to Harbor Adventure, 2 Moab Adventure races and am now joining the Santa Barbara intro to Adventure Racing; a 24 hour, 80ish mile, hike, bike and kayak adventure with teammates. I can't possibly explain how strongly I feel about these adventures and how I've seen them change me and others. I have never encountered such a positive atmosphere among people for such a long period and usually in some kind of harsh environment. The teamwork and desire to finish whatever the adventure is, is so strong, if the world revolved around such attitudes, it would certainly be a better place for everyone. I am attempting to raise money for another Athena to be able to get a fresh start and new challenge with a PA Adventure of her/his choice. This is a very important part of my life and has certainly helped me be the person I am today; strong and positive. I need your help in this, so would you please join me in supporting the Project Athena Foundation. Project Athena is a 501c3 non-profit foundation dedicated to helping women/men survivors of a medical or traumatic setback achieve their adventurous dreams as part of their recovery. For more information please visit: www.projectathena.org THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! And, the Athena's thank you ;)