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I'm running the 51st TCS New York City Marathon this November. But it's bigger than just me running for a certain distance on a certain day -- I am doing this with a charity that has tremendous global reach and personal meaning. Please keep reading to learn more about their work, my (and your!) connection to it, what's ahead, and how you can support.

I am honored to be running with Team EndoStrong for the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EndoFound). EndoFound strives to increase disease recognition, provide advocacy, facilitate expert surgical training, and fund landmark endometriosis research. What is endometriosis?

Some numbers (including a bit more about my journey!):

1 in 10. Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 reproductive-aged individuals (aged 12-52) -- an estimated 200 million women worldwide -- and many often experience a decade-long delay in diagnosis. It exacts significant direct and indirect societal costs. Currently, there is no known exact cause of endometriosis, and there is no cure. 

I am fortunate to a) have learned I have endometriosis when I was 17, discovered by chance during an appendectomy, and b) live with pretty well-managed symptoms. While many people are not so lucky, we all benefit from the work of EndoFound, which targets progress across research, awareness, education, and advocacy.

26. The age I started running. I’ve run a few 5Ks and half marathons, but love the grinding, endurance, and discipline that the marathon distance requires. 

3. This will be my third marathon, and the first I will run as part of a charity team. To have the opportunity to run this race, supported by EndoFound, is a dream. If through my effort here, you learn more about endometriosis and/or the work of EndoFound, I will consider this whole endeavor a resounding success!

476. Approximate number of miles I’ll run as part of my training (supplemented with plenty of cross training of course).

11/6. The date of the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon, when I’ll traverse all 5 New York City boroughs over 26.2 miles. 

$3,000. My fundraising goal. Please support my fundraising effort for the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon. No donation is too small. Please click on the donate button!

Donors who give in any amount will also receive access to my long run playlists (new each week!). To get things rolling, here’s a link to my “pump up” playlist that I listened to in the starting corrals at last year’s Chicago Marathon.

Thank you very much for your support. 

  • Robert Ripstein made a $20.00 donation

    Congratulations Susan!

  • Phil Stokes made a $50.00 donation

    Sprint to the finish!

  • Kelly Nylund made a $50.00 donation

    You Go Gurl!

  • Joseph Browne made a $50.00 donation
  • Thomas McCann made a $50.00 donation

    Good luck, Susan - thanks for supporting the Endometriosis Foundation of America!

  • Paige Thompson made a $50.00 donation

    Good Luck!

  • Kay Foster made a $25.00 donation

    So proud of you! Ray & I will be watching!

  • Amy Belkin made a $50.00 donation

    Have a great race, Susan!! -Amy

  • Matthias Oschinski made a $100.00 donation

    Good cause Susan!

  • Dee Anne Everson made a $100.00 donation

    way to go! great good wishes to you and great charity choice!

  • Paul Rekemeyer made a $500.00 donation

    Proud of you for taking on this challenge! Vamos!

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