A Message From Sam

Hello All,

After running my FIRST marathon this past March in Jerusalem, I’ve decided to do it all again, this time on home soil. On October 27th, I will be running in the Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington Va and DC!

However I need YOUR help!

This time I won’t be running just for personal achievement; instead, I will be running for a cause.  Having the most respect for all the servicemen and women who protect our country and freedoms every day, I can think of no better cause to raise money for.

I will be running with Team Azalea’s Run for Wounded Warriors.  This awesome charity helps with financial aid for veterans and their families, the providing of service dogs, medical assistance to PTSD and TBI victims and assistance to our National Guard.

My goal is to raise $1000 for the run and this cause, and I ask anyone that can to help me reach my goal. These courageous individuals risk their lives for our freedom that we take for granted every day; now it’s time to give back to them!

Please DONATE and help make a difference!!!