A Message From Kristen

Hi friends! I am participating in the 101 to Cure Type 1 Challenge - run or walk 101 miles from May 1, 2021-June 13, 2021. 

I’ve been living with Type 1 Diabetes for almost 23 years. It has its ups and downs, but the advancements in research and technology have made it more manageable. 

The Chicago Diabetes Project is working to create a functional cure for Type 1 Diabetes and make islet cell transplantation (transplanting immunoprotected, insulin producing cells into the body) a viable treatment option. This would eliminate the need for long-term medications, like insulin being delivered by insulin pumps or shots. 

Imagine a world without Type 1 Diabetes?! I sure can and I hope I’m here when it happens. 

Please support my fundraising efforts for the 101 to Cure Type 1 Challenge. No donation is too small. Please click on the donate button! Thank you all so much! I really appreciate it. :)