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Friends and Family,

This will be the 5th year I will join the entire Eagles organization and thousands of others from the community in participating in the Eagles Autism Challenge. With your help, I have raised well over $12,000 for this cause over the past four years. I am personally moved by the Eagles' commitment to bringing awareness and advocacy to this cause.  Autism is complicated, and finding resources to fund research and community advocacy is not easy.  Research funded by this foundation goes towards incredible and impactful studies and community programs that would not be funded by usual government channels. Last year Eagles Autism contributed $3.1 Million to fund 8 pilot studies and 10 community projects fueling research across the region and the country. 

Help me raise money for this great cause. 

Even better, come ride the 50 Mile Wawa Classic Route with me. 

Thank you for your support,

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    LETS GO !!!

  • Michael Georgianna made a $50.00 donation

    Good luck!

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    Go Alex!

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    Great going ALEX!

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    good luck!!

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    Thank You Fans Matching Gift Challenge

  • Janice Felmeister made a $100.00 donation

    Good Luck Al

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    Thank You Fans Matching Gift Challenge

  • Tracy Buchholz made a $25.00 donation
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    Best of luck Alex! A great cousin and a great cuz. all our love.

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    Thanks for doing this Alex!

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