James' NYC Marathon Fundraising Page
$3,845.00 raised
$3,000.00 goal
Hello friends and family :)  I am running the 2021 New York Marathon on behalf of the Foundling.

The Foundling is one of New York City's largest providers of foster care services. The organization places children and youth in homes with caring and supportive foster parents.  Additionally, they provide supportive services such as medical/mental health services, employment assistance and educational services. During Covid, they were able to distribute remote learning materials such as Chromebooks and Mifi devices as well as provide telehealth sessions to those in need. 

I have been an active member of the Junior Board since 2018 as the Foundling's vision is very inspiring to me. I was incredibly fortunate to grow up with a loving, supportive family with ample access to physical and mental health. Life in New York can be incredibly difficult to navigate without the right resources- even more so for children without parental support.

I have made donations every year and this year I am personally pledging $1,500 to the foundation. Any donation size would be greatly appreciated and certainly go a long way in making a difference in the life of a child within the foster system.  

James Busch made a $25.00 donation.
John Davies made a $50.00 donation.
James Grasso made a $1,500.00 donation.
"My personal Foundling donation. "
Eileen and Patrick Grasso made a $500.00 donation.
"We can’t wait to see you cross the finish line!"
Andrew Grasso made a $250.00 donation.
"run fast and have fun!!"
Kathy Oshaughnessy made a $100.00 donation.
"George and I are so proud of you James for taking on the NYC Marathon and for your support of The Foundling. We’ll be rooting for you November 7th!! 💕Aunt Kathy "
Rosanna Kelly made a $150.00 donation.
"Go James!! X"
Beth McTigue made a $50.00 donation.
"We are so excited for your NYC Marathon run and wish you an exhilarating and joyful experience. What an outstanding cause you are supporting. Best wishes, James. Love, Beth & Jerry "
Margaret O'Shaughnessy made a $75.00 donation.
Maggie O'Rourke made a $100.00 donation.
"Good luck James!!"
Mike McTigue made a $50.00 donation.
Maxine Rusbasan made a $25.00 donation.
David Doobin made a $50.00 donation.
Katherine McTigue made a $100.00 donation.
"Good luck James!! You're gonna kill it this weekend & even better that you're running for a worthy cause. We'll be out there cheering! xx Kate, Brad & Beaux <3 "
Liz and Ashley made a $50.00 donation.
Emily Wagoner made a $100.00 donation.
Sam Stuart made a $50.00 donation.
Nathan Kelly made a $25.00 donation.
Bayard Templeton made a $25.00 donation.
"Great cause - good luck with the run!!"
Matthew Peterson made a $50.00 donation.
Natasha Babchak made a $25.00 donation.
"Go James!!!! You are an inspiration. :) Thank you for doing your part to help these lil’ rockstars of NYC! <3 "
Michael and Jessica Kresse made a $50.00 donation.
"Go go go James!! Have fun and good luck!! xoxo"
John Gallagher made a $20.00 donation.
"good luck my friend"
Jim and Andrea Oshaughnessy made a $250.00 donation.
"James, Thank You for your support of the Foundling. We send our positive vibes for your big run through NYC! See you at Thanksgiving Dinner, where we expect to see you doubling up on everything!! xoxo. Jim & Andrea"
Kay Rusher made a $25.00 donation.
"Good luck! Run fast!"
Reid Coopersmith made a $100.00 donation.
Tyler Gehrs made a $50.00 donation.
"Go James go!"