A Message From Kathleen

A special thank you to our returning donors from 2019 - THANK YOU! Last year WE raised $7,930 for the Eagles Autism Challenge... We hope you'll join us in our 2019 EAC journey!

As many of you know, but for those who don't, 1 in 59 Children in the united states have autism spectrum disorder and one is my eleven old son Braeden. Braeden was diagnosed with ASD at age three, which proceeded micro-prematurity, 21 medical procedures, and joined his two other life-long diagnosis's. Any parent of autism or not, feels if your child is struggling you’ll do everything to change that, even when it is simply out of your control. Daily Braeden faces challenges with every day tasks, some we're able to tackle but others are too much for him.I believe that autism is as much the thing that makes Braeden extraordinarily unique, as it is the thing that holds him back the most in life. My deepest fear as Braeden's mom is the day that my adult son with autism will have to live without me. I don't want to fear the future for my son, I want to embrace it and my hope is that sooner rather than later, researchers are able to find answers to piece together a brighter future for those living with autism. Read below to see how you can help and we hope you join Braeden and I on May 16th to take on the Eagles Autism Challenge!...

On May 16, 2020 I will join the entire Eagles organization and thousands of others from the community to ride, run or walk in the Eagles Autism Challenge. This event is dedicated to raising funds for innovative research and programs to address the complex issues presented by the condition of autism. By providing the necessary resources to thought leaders, we can advance scientific breakthroughs. All participant-raised funds, 100 %, will go directly towards autism research and/or programs at beneficiary institutions, as together we shift from autism awareness to action. I hope you will consider making a donation towards my fundraising goal to help transform the lives of those affected by autism today and tomorrow. Thank you!