Kelly's Fundraising Page

A Message From Kelly

Please consider making a donation, such an important cause so close to my heart. I have taken on this challenge because those of you who know me, I like helping people.... I have spent my whole life helping people. 
This one hits close to home for me. Project Athena supports women and men who have had a traumatic injury or illness get back into working out and adventure. In 2008 I had a botched surgery that resulted in a perforated bowel, problem was I kept getting mis-diagnosed until I was in septic shock. Two surgeries, 4 weeks in the hospital, 6 weeks of home nursing care and another 9 months of recovery.... I was back to "normal". I needed an organization like Project Athena to get back into working out, and to help in my mental and emotional recovery. 
I support Project Athena and all it's stands for because I believe that it could have helped me and don't want one woman to miss out on this opportunity. 
I now regularly do bike races, triathlons, mountain bike, road bike.... etc... anything to be outside! It is an honor to support these Athena in Keys To Recover, 120 miles of biking and kayaking the Florida Keys. Please donate!