A Message From Kristin

Hayden steals his brother’s toys — but almost he didn’t.

He has a tendency to push his sister when he’s mad — but almost he didn’t.

He devours any food he can get his little hands on — but almost he didn’t.

He has an intense passion for life — but almost he didn’t.

Because Hayden almost didn’t survive infancy. I think about it still when I catch his beautiful smile. It creeps into my mind when I kiss his head and lay him down at night. When he throws a fit and screams incessantly, I remember how I prayed for God to give him that fighting spirit.

There are only three reasons that my son Hayden is alive. He fought, God fought, and Texas Children’s Hospital fought.  

Texas Children’s Hospital saved my son’s life. Without that hospital—even more so without the particular doctor rotating through the NICU at the time—Hayden would not have survived. Of that, I have no doubt.

So, how do you repay an organization for the life of your child? You don’t; you can’t. There isn’t enough money in the world.

But I can do this—I can help raise funds for their cause. A donation, even a small one, so that Texas Children’s can continue to provide for others what it provided for us—help and hope for life’s most precious gift, our children. 

This year I've registered for the HALF Marathon (understanding the craziness of life) and I'll be running in honor of my sons and for Texas Children's Hospital. 

I'd appreciate your support. Thank you. 


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