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Hello my loves! 

I’m beyond psyched to share that Early Bird (me!) will be running the New York City Marathon this November! Marathon Day is the best day of the year in NYC (imho) and, cheering from the sidelines, I’ve always dreamt of taking part. Well, no time like the present!  Speaking of the present… I’ve chosen to run with and fundraise for Planned Parenthood of Greater NY!  It’s absolutely essential to support and protect the bodily autonomy of all humans, all day every day! And as I’m sure you know, Planned Parenthood leads the way in fighting for the rights of all bodies, working to help people live healthy lives no matter their income, insurance, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, or immigration status.  They are a trusted provider of breast and cervical cancer screenings, STI testing and treatment, birth control, abortion care, wellness exams, and more. Beyond their clinics, Planned Parenthood reaches an additional 25,000 New Yorkers through their educational programs which empower teens to make healthy and informed decisions about their bodies and sexual health.


Please help Early Bird raise $5000 and beyond! - all of which will be donated to Planned Parenthood of NYC. Whether you donate $5 or $500, YOU ARE HELPING!

 I LOVE YOU ALL and Thank You, truly, for supporting me and for supporting Early Bird. LET’S PROTECT OUR CHOICE in this country!!! Our bodies are our own.

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  • David Sclarow made a $100.00 donation
  • Cheryl Thorpe made a $25.00 donation

    Very proud of your passion!

  • Meredith Vachon made a $50.00 donation

    you’re my hero!!!!!

  • Margaret Batschelet made a $5.00 donation
  • Alex Raether made a $25.00 donation

    go crush it!!!!! so proud of you!

  • In memory of Huck Watson made a $100.00 donation
  • Melissa Price made a $10.00 donation

    good luck! you got this!

  • Leila Nawaz made a $30.00 donation

    Nekisia, you’re amazing. Thank you for this message and CONGRATS! Your Early Bird is a gift I give myself every day. I’ve never known a granola like it, and I’m very grateful to you. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to support Planned Parenthood as you fulfill a dream this November!

  • Betty Nadalini made a $25.00 donation

    Proud of you!

  • Elizabeth King made a $25.00 donation
  • Douglas Rainbow Hurwitz made a $25.00 donation
  • Margot Connole made a $10.00 donation
  • Gail Ross made a $100.00 donation

    I have been ordering your granola since I first discovered it years ago in NYC. I’m the one who used to order it for my son who played football at USC. You have delivered granola to me and my now grown children all over the US. it’s still our favorite breakfast after so many years. I’m so happy to be able to support you in this very important cause. Thank you for carrying the mantle for all of us. best of luck in the marathon! Gail Ross

  • Inga Sheaffer made a $50.00 donation
  • Barbara Wierbicki made a $25.00 donation
  • Glen Kelley made a $100.00 donation
  • Anonymous made a $200.00 donation

    Thank you for supporting such an important Organization. We'll be cheering you on during the marathon!

  • Kathryn Peters made a $10.00 donation
  • In memory of Aunt Robin Winick made a $100.00 donation
  • Shashi Kumara made a $50.00 donation

    you got this!! great goal - great cause!

  • Virginia Kraus made a $50.00 donation
  • Delaney Broberg made a $25.00 donation

    Best of luck! Keep us updated on how the fundraiser is going :)

  • Carla Music made a $100.00 donation

    I am in awe of anyone who can run a marathon. Will be cheering you on from Adelphi and Dekalb. xoxoxo

  • Blake MacKay made a $100.00 donation

    Abortions forever and without apology. x

  • Nicole Zambon made a $50.00 donation

    Run Neki Run! we love you!

  • Kyle Thorpe made a $100.00 donation

    Run Neki Run!

  • St John Frizell made a $100.00 donation

    Go get 'em!

  • Sarah Allenby made a $26.00 donation

    So excited for you to go through this incredible experience, Neki, and so thrilled you are raising money for such a critical organization. Go, Neki, go!!

  • Jen Watson made a $100.00 donation

    weeeeee woooooo! 💞

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