A Message From Preston

I was never a runner.  I ran because I was told to, it was required of me every morning. I never enjoyed it, I never did it for me, and I definitely wasn’t good at it.  
Those footprints I left on the pavement meant nothing at the time.... but now, those footprints mean everything to me.  Those footprints have taught me to keep pushing forward one step at a time (one leg at a time; because that’s all I have.) especially in the most painful moments.  If running has taught me anything, it has taught me there is no reason to fear starting lines or other new beginnings.  
So, here I begin my first big running journey with my wife alongside me as we raise money for an organization who has helped us and so many others!  Please support our fundraising efforts for Homes for Our Troops, during the Houston Marathon 2020, as they continue to help others with their new beginnings at life and the footprints to keep moving forward!  No donation is too small.  Please click to donate!