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Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

Project Athena is an organization dear to my heart. I've had SO many opportunities to grow personally from the endurance events I've trained for. I'm looking forward to supporting this same growth in all the Athenas who will be pushing their limits to join us on this trek.

I will have the joy of supporting two dear friends during the San Diego Harbor to Harbor 50 mile trek:

Angela Darch is recovering from a catastrophic back injury. Angela has been working hard to recover from her last surgery and train for this event. Her progress has been phenomenal!

Diane Byron beat the odds by surviving a major heart defect. She is currently facing thyroid cancer and continuing to train faithfully while awaiting her surgery. Seriously, who does that? She's amazing!

Your donation will help these ladies and all the others cross the finish line as new women.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

Thank you so much for your support -- and please forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

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  • Melodie Rush made a $150.00 donation
  • Dianne Carratu made a $25.00 donation

    good luck

  • Denise Jansen made a $100.00 donation

    Good Luck from Denise and Eric!

  • Jeanne Brownell made a $86.00 donation

    For my HWRHS friends who are SUCH an inspiration! Have a great trek! and cheers to all the Athenas who work so hard and gain soooo much!

  • James Gunnett made a $100.00 donation
  • Robert Pina made a $25.00 donation

    From a new colleague ... for a great cause!

  • Roxanne Booth made a $25.00 donation
  • Attila The Hun made a $100.00 donation
  • Anonymous made a $500.00 donation
  • Anonymous made a $24.00 donation
  • Anonymous made a $50.00 donation
  • Andrea Boje made a $15.00 donation

    Because you are awesome

  • Diane Cooney made a $86.00 donation
  • Diane Brindle made a $50.00 donation

    Have a great walk

  • D. and J. Zimmerman made a $25.00 donation
  • Deborah Harkness made a $100.00 donation
  • Diane Cooney made a $50.00 donation
  • Chris Sieniarecki made a $25.00 donation

    P3 ROCKS!

  • Emily and Ethan made a $25.00 donation

    to health!

  • Colleen Foster made a $25.00 donation

    Not much, but I guess every little bit helps! Colleen

  • Caprice Wilbur made a $50.00 donation

    For my amazing friend! It all adds up!

  • Anonymous made a $275.00 donation
  • Steven Day made a $25.00 donation
  • Tracey Brown made a $86.00 donation

    Kick Ass as always ladies !!! 😘✌️

  • Sheila Netti made a $25.00 donation

    You are such an inspiration in so many ways!!

  • Barbara Thomason made a $50.00 donation

    Git it, Renée! :)

  • Matt Wilbur made a $75.00 donation

    Happy Birthday Renee!

  • Lisa Bohnwagner made a $20.00 donation
  • Steve Ling made a $100.00 donation

    Great work Renee!

  • Don Sanshu made a $100.00 donation

    I'm super impressed Renee! We're happy to help with your effort!

  • Michele Kyrouz made a $50.00 donation
  • Renee R First Giving made a $125.00 donation
  • Evangeline Gersich made a $200.00 donation

    I wish you the best on this adventure, Renée!

  • Anonymous made a $100.00 donation

    note 😜😻

  • Michael Moore made a $28.00 donation

    For the team. :)

  • Keerthana Ramamurthy made a $100.00 donation

    all the best !!!

  • ROAK made a $1.00 donation

    you rock so im leaving a roak :)

  • Renee Drucas made a $25.00 donation

    Another adventure, R2!

  • Christina Nowacki made a $79.00 donation

    $1 for every mile you have run in Boston the last 3 years. You rock and will always be one of my heroes!


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