A Message From Sandy

Please be a hero with me!!

Now more than ever, the Houston Food Bank needs our financial support as one of five people don't have enough food to put on their tables. Many are struggling with job losses, home schooling, child care issues, illnesses and other everyday emergencies as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Please join me in helping them provide food for better lives in our community. 

Saturday January 16th I ran my 15th Houston Half Marathon - as I "ran for food." This year certainly felt different as I ran alone. However, this year is my first year of fund raising for the Houston Food Bank.  Thinking of all those who I can help by running for food put extra energy in each step.  I thought about all the people that cheered me on, ran beside me, even fellow runners / strangers that let me use their phones to call my husband to let him know that I was ahead of pace one year..... many wonderful memories from 14 Houston Half marathons on a race course.  Now, Today I have an incredible new memory - I exceeded my target time by almost 4 minutes. I felt incredibly blessed to not be hungry myself. 

 Even a small donation makes a huge impact for those in need. For instance, $20 will provide lunch for up to 60 people.  A $50 donation will provide 150 meals. $84 will feed a family of four for a month!  This is certainly the time to help if you can. 

Learn more
About the Houston Food Bank at http://www.houstonfoodbank.org

About our Fundraising efforts at http://www.runningforfood.com