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Welcome to Team CHOP! For the past six years Team CHOP has served as one of the largest teams in the Eagles Autism Challenge. In 2024, we want to break our records, and we need your help! CHOP cares for more than 10,000 patients with autism each year in almost every clinical area, and teams from our Center for Autism Research and Autism Integrated Care Program – which include rehabilitation therapists, developmental pediatricians, neurologists, psychologists, geneticists, psychiatrists, advance practice nurses, social workers and many others – have led breakthroughs for children and families, from making earlier diagnosis possible to improving therapies and access to services. We welcome all members of the CHOP community to join us on Saturday, May 18, 2024. If you can't attend, please consider supporting Team CHOP with a donation. Every dollar brings us closer to the next breakthrough!
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