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A Message From Team Lisa & Christina for Project Athena

While they may work at competing firms, Lisa Kottler and Christina Marschinke have joined forces for a cause more important than competing for assets under management. Recently, these two leaders in the 401(k) industry were introduced to Robyn Benincasa, the keynote speaker at an industry event. Lisa and Christina learned about Robyn’s inspiring and impressive personal story, which you can read here. The part of the presentation that most inspired Lisa and Christina, however, was Project Athena, a foundation created by Robyn. This organization allows women who've endured life-altering medical setbacks to unleash the Athlete and Adventurer within and complete the journey of a lifetime—whether that's to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, cross the finish line of an Ironman Triathlon, or fall into the arms of a proud family at the end of a local 5K. Project Athena covers all expenses; provides training and, most importantly, inspiration for these powerful women to transition from survivor to athlete. Project Athena relies on “gods” and “goddesses” who train alongside the “Athenas” and raise money for this important cause. Lisa and Christina (a.k.a. goddesses-in-training) are doing their part and have committed to the Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim trek. The hike occurs August 25-29th and consists of two long hiking days, where Lisa and Christina will hike a total of 46 miles, which includes 6,000 feet of elevation (descent and ascent) each day. If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause, please visit their site at Project Athena. Lisa and Christina have formed a partnership and, ultimately, a friendship to support an amazing organization and remarkable people. Lisa and Christina will train in their respective home cities, while also coming together for some big training milestones. Training includes hours of stair climbs, hours of weighted GPS-tracked hikes EVERY WEEK, as well as plenty of cross training. All the hard work and sweat and sore muscles will be worth being a part of an incredible adventure that can empower women who have already endured so much more than most can imagine. Thank you for any support you can give. And whether you donate or not, please check in on this page occasionally. They’ll post training pictures as well as pictures, videos, and stories from the trek. THANK YOU!