A Message From Galveston Bay Foundation

You can help protect Galveston Bay! The mission of Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF) is to preserve and enhance Galveston Bay as a healthy and productive place for generations to come. GBF works to accomplish this mission through its programs in education, habitat restoration, water quality and quantity, conservation and advocacy.

Visit the GBF website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or call our office at 281-332-3381 to learn more about us!                                                                                             

GBF’s education programs cultivate life-long stewards of the Bay through environmental experiences that nurture exploration and inquisition.

GBF's restoration programs focus on protecting vulnerable habitats from erosion or habitat conservation, restoring lost or degraded habitats and removing marine debris.

GBF's water quality and quantity programs monitor the Bay through community action and policy work, and provide opportunities for citizens, organizations, businesses and cities to take action for their Bay.

GBF's conservation programs protect natural areas by acquiring real estate (GBF is an accredited land trust) and partnering with landowners to establish conservation easements on private lands.

GBF's advocacy programs allow us to serve as the guardian of Galveston Bay and actively seek solutions to conflicts among the diverse users of the Bay.


            All GBF runners will be invited to our 2019 sunset cruise on Galveston Bay!

Get in touch with us
(281) 332-3381 eford@galvbay.org http://www.galvbay.org