A Message From Kickstart Kids

Kickstart Kids is a Texas Education Agency recognized, in-school character development program that uses martial arts to teach life-changing values to middle and high school students. The eight core values of honesty, loyalty, courage, discipline, respect, dedication, kindness and responsibility are deliberately layered within the physical training to equip students to make positive choices under pressure so they can be successful in all aspects of life. The goals of the KSK program are that students will develop and practice values-related behavior and resilience, create stronger school and family connections, achieve higher levels of academic and social success, and become productive members of our community.

Kickstart Kids was founded in 1990 by martial artist, actor, and philanthropist Chuck Norris with the help of President George H.W. Bush. Since the program launched in 1992, more than 110,000 youth have benefited from this one-of-a-kind, life-changing program.

We teach character through karate.

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