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Le Tour de Christ- Cycling Club as been participating with a team at Ride4Orphans since 2019. Le Tour de Christ - Cycling Club is a Sports Ministry of Charity, that brings the message of Love, Peace & Holiness from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to the events in which participates, and to the world, through a healthy sports activity. The club has a team of cyclist, runners and walkers, as well as volunteers and sponsors to help in its own events and in third party events like Ride4Orphans. The mission of the club is to bring people close to Jesus Christ! As you can imagine, the intensity of the modern world has displaced Jesus from the heart of the many brothers and sisters; so, by appearing in an even like this one, we hope to bring to mind Him, and His message. As a result, we expect that the participants will leave the event happier, not just because they have done an act of charity, but because they will have thought about He who gave up His life for them in the Cross. Love, Peace & Holiness, in Jesus' Name... Amen! Le Tour de Christ - Cycling Club (a Sports Ministry of Charity)
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