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LeTourdeChrist (LTDC) Cycling Club is a Sports Ministry for Charity open to all religions, where, with a team of athletes, we sign up to yearly Third Party charitable activities, such as Ride 4 Orphans, as well as Club Owned charitable activities. These activities are scheduled throughout the year, and can be seen in our club's Calendar of Activities.

Through our club, we try to bring the message of Love, Peace & Holiness, from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to the World. We do it through Sports Charitable Activities that we categorize in: Events, Challenges and Programs; and can be better understood with our club's 2020 General Performance Dossier and Performance Mt. 25:35-36 Dossier.

This is our 3rd year participating in Ride 4 Orphans with LTDC Cycling Club, where we team up with hundreds of individual athletes and athletes from other clubs, in this great cause, organized by our brothers and sisters in Christ from Spanish River Church, to serve the little orphan children in Malawi, Chad, India, Haiti, and local foster care organizations like 4Kids and Place of Hope.

You can see our club's webpage for this Third Party activity here:

As part of this fundraise efforts, you are welcome to join our team and ride with us, or sponsor our Club through a donation that will benefit these little orphan children.


Sincerely yours in Christ,

Alejandro E. del Real  (click >>)
Team Captain & Club Administrator
LeTourdeChrist (LTDC) Cycling Club

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