A Message From Nyaka

Nyaka is a locally-led NGO providing community-based solutions to address the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in rural Southwest Uganda. Nyaka was founded in 2001, beginning as a small two-room schoolhouse for 55 orphaned children. In just 20 years it has grown into a unique, holistic model to help orphaned and vulnerable children in rural Uganda escape poverty. When the community identifies a child in need, Nyaka looks to find a solution. Nyaka surrounds each child with a complete support system. This system consists of interrelated programs developed and led by the community, where children are nurtured and protected so they can learn, grow, and thrive. Nyaka currently serves an estimated 80,000 orphaned and vulnerable children as well as 20,000 grandmothers. Nyaka has built three schools and introduced numerous programs to give children the best chance at success. Programs include a clean water system, nutrition program, grandmother program, community libraries, health clinics, and an SGBV program, which combats sexual and domestic violence. These programs work together to provide an all-comprehensive community to surround orphaned and vulnerable children.

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