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The mission of Lemonade Day is to help prepare youth for life through fun, proactive, and experiential programs infused with life skills, character education, and entrepreneurship. The foremost objective is to help today’s youth become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers, and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow. 

Lemonade Day inspires youth to build and create a business and future for themselves that many never thought possible. Lemonade Day is committed to inspiring a culture of aspiration and ambition by teaching youth important life skills, goal setting, financial literacy, and business planning where they learn about teamwork, responsibility, their aptitudes, problem-solving, and career exploration, all with the guidance of a mentor who serves as their role model. 

To drive systemic change, we must start early. Kids need to be exposed to a variety of career opportunities and exploration. By planting the seed of innovation and building foundational skills, youth are prepared to transition into what comes next in life. Thank you for helping us change the future of our youth, one Lemonade stand at a time!
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    2024 Houston Marathon Weekend of Events

    The Houston Marathon is an annual marathon held every January in Houston, Texas. With thousands of runners and spectators, it is the largest single day sporting event in the city. It is run concurrently with a half marathon.

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