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Join Red Door Community in supporting our inspiring Red Door Runners! As they tackle the 2024 TCS NYC Marathon, they're not just running for themselves; they're running to make a difference in the lives of those living with cancer.


Running a marathon is about more than just covering 26.2 miles—it's about endurance, motivation, and commitment. These are some of the same values our Red Door Community members draw upon in their daily journey living with cancer. The challenges, triumphs, and determination our runners experience during their marathon journey require extreme perseverance - something with which our members are all too familiar. 


For many of us, running is therapeutic, grounding, and inspiring. It's a time of calm and clarity, much like the peace of mind we strive to provide for our members through our cancer support programs. Our Red Door Runners embody this spirit as they lace up their shoes and hit the pavement, raising crucial funds to support our mission. 


Your donation to our Red Door Runners ensures vital funding for our support groups, lectures, workshops, and social activities, helping thousands of individuals living with cancer and others affected by a cancer diagnosis. For nearly 30 years, our programs have been an integral part of the NYC community where no one faces cancer alone.


Every gift counts! Thank you!

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