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We are researchers, doctors, psychologists and neuropsychologists, therapists, and social workers. We are children and adults, with and without autism, participating in research that will improve our understanding of autism and help us to find effective therapies. We are geneticists, neuroscientists, data scientists. We are parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles of loved ones on the autism spectrum. We’re radiologists, nurses, educators, and computer scientists. We’re in Philadelphia, across the country, and across the globe. And we’re all working tirelessly toward a single purpose: to improve the lives of people living with autism through evidence-based research. Each day, we’re uncovering new clues to how autism “works” - in the brain and in the genes, and in the family and community – and why it can look so different from one person to the next. We’re studying how genetics and brain differences are linked to differences in movement, speech and nonverbal communication, attention and learning, anxiety, eating disorders, and medical conditions. And with revolutions in technology and data collection, we’re beginning to discern patterns that in time will pave the way to personalized treatment and support tailored to each individual on the autism spectrum, according to their unique biology and behaviors, from infancy through adulthood. We’re providing clinical guidance and support to individuals with autism and their families. We’re connecting them with resources, writing newsletters and blog posts, and sharing information through community presentations and events. And we’re training the next generation of world-class clinicians and researchers so they will be equipped with the tools, knowledge, clinical instincts and creativity to lead autism care and treatment into the future. Learn more at and, and we invite you to join us in rising to the challenge of driving autism breakthroughs! (Follow us on Facebook and twitter: @CenterforAutismResearch and @CARautism)
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