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A Message From #TeamDanny

Autism is something that’s near to our hearts and its impact on our lives is a large one. Our oldest son, James, was so advanced with his development that we held our middle son, Daniel, to the same high standards. When we started to notice Danny missing the same milestones James did, we became concerned. We initially thought Danny was deaf, so we went through several roundabouts with the ENT until they definitively ruled out any ear issues. His pediatrician suggested the screening for Danny, thinking that he may be on the spectrum. Danny was officially diagnosed at age 2, setting a new course for our lives, far different than the one we had imagined, but one that has brought us gratitude, patience, and understanding in ways we never thought possible. Danny is a friendly, jovial, sweet boy who loves everyone he meets. He is kind, welcoming, engaging. As he’s grown, he’s met milestones the initial screening teams told us he wouldn’t, and overcome every obstacle he faces. He is the closest confidant and friend to James and his sister, Sophie, and the best of friends with his dog, Minnie. Danny brings a wonderful joy and light into the lives he touches, and absolutely nothing will ever get in his way.