A Message From West Houston Assistance Ministries

West Houston Assistance Ministries (WHAM) provides free life-changing services that nurture potential and foster self-sufficiency in people who are struggling to meet their basic needs. We feed and clothe children, families, seniors, and the homeless, offer financial aid with rent and utilities to prevent eviction and disconnection of vital services, and provide employment services, education, and training including GED, ESL, and vocational certification classes to give the unemployed and underemployed the opportunity to learn new skills so they can find meaningful work. Since 1982, our mission and focus has been to carry out Christ’s command to love and provide for those in need, and our programs have contributed to alleviating poverty, building thriving communities, and giving hope to the hopeless.

Select Client Stories

Grace found her prayers were answered when she came to WHAM desperate for assistance with her gas bill. Like many senior citizens, Grace is on a fixed income with no additional source of earnings, and she struggles to cover her living expenses each month. She was facing immediate disconnection of utility services and was worried about surviving the cold weather without heat. Fortunately, Grace found the help she needed at WHAM to pay her gas bill and avoid loss of service, alleviating her concern about staying safe and warm. While at the ministry, she was also able to shop for food in WHAM’s food pantry, allowing her to stock up on healthy items to last until her next check. Grace says her prayers to God for help directed her to WHAM, and is thankful that she can utilize our services again in the future if she encounters a crisis again. 

Irina's life started changing for the better when she discovered WHAM's Employment Services Department, shortly after arriving in the US from Cuba. Her English skills were limited, making it difficult to find employment, but WHAM provided ESL classes, tips with resume formatting and job searches, and participation in a weekly conversation night to practice speaking English. Irina was soon hired as a customer service representative and quickly worked her way up to manager. While working full time, she completed a web development program, graduating at the top of her class. Through her achievements and WHAM's intervention, Irina is now competing to win a position in an oil and gas company, and her future is bright.

Wedi smiles when she talks about her five daughters, and it is easy to see the love in this hardworking mom's face. Wedi has been through difficult times and first received help from WHAM when one of her children was hospitalized, and there were days when she worried that she didn't have sufficient food to feed her family. Although she was receiving food stamps, it was often not enough, and Wedi came to WHAM's food pantry for help. Since that first visit, Wedi is able to keep her family well fed with the healthy food that WHAM provides, and she is given additional fresh produce at the food fair one Saturday each month. Wedi is grateful for all that she has, and she chooses to give back by working at the hospital where her daughter was treated. In this way, she provides for her daughters and also makes a difference for other families with children in the hospital. WHAM is happy to assist this mother who works hard to take care of her family while doing all she can to make ends meet.

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